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Success, leadership and more change?

Posted on October 1, 2017 at 5:55 AM

As I was updating my website and pondering the successes of the year and looking back, it got me thinking about the essence of leadership, generating success and the management of change. Globally, we see varying degrees of leadership and celebrations of successes. Trump.... his leadership style is combative and he is celebration of success is more likely to be a hole in one at one of his courses. He is difficult to fathom out. North Korea is another style - leadership by fear, and celebrations of power, war and control; closer to home, Theresa May - leadership without any real control, without inspiration and looking over her shoulder, weak and uninspiring; and then Jeremy Corbyn - leadership of the growing masses, almost by hysteria, but followed by many who see the man but perhaps not the essence behind the man. All different styles, all celebrating successes where they can and rightly so. 

Closer to home, I work for an authority with strong leadership, from the top downwards and successes are celebrated. I recently had to do a presentation on leadership and it did get me thinking again about it more and especially about styles of leadership. There are many styles to choose from. Have a look here and what style I felt I was. I liked no. 5 and 11 in particular and I felt this matched my personality as a typical MBTI as a strong ENFP. (Look up Myers Briggs types to understand this). My presentation was based around leading styles and how you have to adapt and flex those styles for different circumstances, and the teams and individuals you are leading - I was taught I would have to flex and stretch and move out of my comfort zones and I like to think I do. It was an interesting presentation and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

So to successes. There have been many I have been party to this year at Watford and in my own 'doings'. Its always great to be invited to speak at conferences and workshops and I was honoured to speak in Stirling and at Tatton Park this year on bandstands and parks leadership respectively. At Watford, 11 Green Flags which is no mean feat for a small Borough like us and I insist we stretch and push and push. I do feel its important along with the whole ethos of Green Flag. We won a partnership award with Veolia our commercial partner this summer too as well as were a finalist in another category with APSE. It is important to celebrate success and shout about them. Be heard and be seen. Why? Because change happens and when things also go wrong, it is often what people focus on. Change is afoot and things have gone wrong or not as well. My paddling pools in Cassiobury are a great success but there have been challenges and criticisms and we have to face these, remembering that despite the successes come those who will criticise. Changes have been made. More changes are coming. Transformation is underway globally, nationally, regionally, locally and personally. Leadership has never been more important, strong leadership and transformational leadership. There are many poor examples we see everyday ("its an island, surrounded by water, big water, ocean water.....") and we must learn from it. 

So I will celebrate my own successes, I will continue to be No 5 and 11 but flex when I need to too and I will embrace change with the caveat if its change that has a negative effect on my own world, I will be brave enough to change direction. 

Green Flag Celebrations in Cassiobury Park 2017

The importance of believing in what you feel strongly about

Cassiobury Park Pools opened 1st July 2017 - a success

The Horticulture Week Custodian Awards at Woburn - winners!!

Strong Leadership - and celebrating 11 Green Flags

Tab loves her job!!

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